BT Sensor: "No valid Data"

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this problem 25 days ago


I have several BT/ANT+ Speed and Cadence Sensors. In general using them via Bluetooth works fine. The problem is, that a Reading of 0 does not work. When I do not pedal (for Cadence) or I have stopped (Speed) instead of reporting a value of 0rmp or 0km/h the reading says "no valid data".

Connecting the Sensors via ANT+ works and shows 0-values.

Since I saw this with at least 2 different brands of sensors and it works over ANT+ I don't think it is an issue with the Sensors.

Attached are 2 Screenshots (one while driving, one when standing still). The Cadence Sensor is the same Sensor (Connected via BT *and* ANT+).

The Problem is that the 0 are therefore also missing in the Track recording resulting in Gaps. (3rd screenshot)


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Hello Ulrich,

thanks, good point. I believe I've found the reason of this different behavior so in the next 4.5 version (or next Beta), this should be fixed, thanks.


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