Incorrectly recorded route

николай нечаенко shared this problem 25 days ago
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При блокировке экрана, когда он выключен запись трека осуществляется только по прямой от точки "А" до точки "Б"

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Hello Nikolaj,


The most likely cause of the problem is an operating system performance optimization setting.

Check the GPS settings on your device and application.

1) Make sure Locus Map has all the system permissions for accurate location access.

If you have Android 10, select "all the time".

2) Make sure Locus Map is excluded from all battery optimization resources.

Detailed instructions can be found at or here:

3) in Locus Settings> GPS and Sensors> turn off automatic GPS shutdown

4) in Locus Settings> GPS and sensors> Turn on location supported by Google services

Have a nice day


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