Missing ski lifts

Petar Kasapovic shared this question 23 days ago

I have notice that on Locus Map 3 Pro I don't see some ski lifts.

I am using Mapsforge maps for offline use.

Here is the screen from my phone.


With red lines I have marked missing ski lifts. With blue line I have marked ski lift that appears on map.

I have download ski maps planet_pistes.osm.gz in OSM format from from OpenSnowMap, then with osmosis extract pat of map that I am interested about and convert it to Mapsforge format. When I use new map results was the same, some ski lifts are still missing.

Then I use JOSM to edit extracted part of map from OpenSnowMap and notice that missing ski lifts in LocusMap are on the map.



And notice that both missing ski lifts for key aerialway have platter.

Ski lift that is shown in LocusMap (blue circle on first image) for aerialway have chair_lift for value


Then I have check complete map in JOSM and conclude that all ski lifts that are missing in LocusMap have value platter for key aerialway.

I have try to find in settings is this possible to set but no luck for now, so can you help me?

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what's the source of your Mapsforge map, please? And what theme do you use? I'd suggest to download LoMaps maps from Locus Store. The platters should be available with in Hike&Bike and also in Ski theme. You get also offline addresses and POI database. Please see link below for more info about LoMaps https://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:maps_locusmaps

thanks, Petr


Hi Petr,

I am using region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, same results for Mapsforge V3 and V5. Also from some reason there is no map themes for V5 and for V3 there are Hike&Bike, SKi, CIty and Road (but this doesn't have nothing with LocusMap).

I have download region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur from LoMaps and now platters are visible in Hike&Bike and in Ski theme.

Place which makes an issues for me with Mapsforge is here


Hi Petar,

it's not possible to use V3 themes with V5 map version and vice versa.

By definition, mapsforge map doesn't contain all OSM data but only limited elements defined by the author of the map. Also the theme renders only elements defined by the theme. So it's vital to use the map with the theme that's created for the map you want to download.

So please check if a theme for vector opensnowmap is available on opensnowmap site or use the mentioned LoMaps

Thanks, Petr

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