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Jacob shared this idea 2 years ago
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Because altitude data is not very accurate, slope(%) in charts often shows very large (incorrect) outliers (see example attached). That makes it hard to know what slope is ahead (useful when cycling in the mountains). It would be nice if it would be able to show smoothed slopes, like the slopes (numbers) in the second attachments (which are 200 meter averages).

To achieve that, it would be nice if it's possible to show the average slope over x meters in the charts, rather than just the slope at the current point.

If it's hard to do that in the graph, it would also be great if it's possible to be able to make a cell in the dashboard showing the average slope over the upcoming x meters.

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I see that the first attachment is missing. Here it is again


Exactly. Although 200m is maybe too much for MTB. Some experimentation would need to be done with 10m, 25m and 50m smoothing (or maybe have a configuration option). But any smoothing will be a great improvement over current sharp "digital" steps.

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