Support for distance from sensors

Roman Frenk shared this idea 15 days ago
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[CZ] Dobrý den, nový Senzor Manager se povedl a čidla teď už fungují docela dobře, jen mi přijde škoda, že údaje, které ukazují, nelze zobrazit v Dashboardu viz. příloha. Například z čidla pro rychlost lze použít pouze rychlost nikoliv vzdálenost a baterii, což mi přijde škoda, když už čidlo využívám pro tyto hodnoty. Je možné tyto hodnoty přidat do Dashboardu?

[EN] The new Sensor Manager has succeeded and the sensors are now working quite well, I just feel sorry that the data they show cannot be displayed in the Dashboard, see. attachment. For example, the speed sensor can only use speed, not distance and battery, which is a shame when I already use the sensor for these values. Is it possible to add these values to the Dashboard?

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Hello Roman,

I'll answer in EN to keep post readable for others.

WIth distance value: you are right, this might be useful. I'm currently focusing on fine-tunning of support for sensors (still not all works perfectly). Improvements in the Dashboard system are planned on next year. So I've changed your question to idea and added "Support for distance" to my "Dashboard todo" list.

Battery value: not sure how to deal with it yet as many sensors may report battery at once ...



OK, thanks for support.

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