How to view live tracking in locus map app without any codes?

vsespb shared this question 14 days ago

How I use live tracking: I give to another person a link like to share my location. She can go to that link any time and see my location in web browser (without registration and any codes).

Now I installed Locus map on person's phone. I expected that now that link will be opened in Locus map and show my location more smooth (more often updated, more details etc). But instead it request registration, then request a password, then asks person to share her location (without option to not share it)... How to use android app just like browser? Without any codes.

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live tracking in the app-app mode works as a mutual location sharing service. Therefore, your partner must be logged in too and have live tracking running as well. If you share your location privately, the partner must enter your private group code - the "FOO-BAR" (or tap the link you have sent). Then you can see each other on the map. Seeing each other on the map can be done also without the code but then you can see all public live tracking users on the map (and they can see you).

In the app-web mode the sharing is only single-directional. This mode can't be used in the app.

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