how to delete a planned route or track from web planner

Andrew Heard shared this question 14 days ago

Is it possible to delete a saved planned route or existing track from the Locus Web Planner? Performing existing-track > Edit > Clear > Save isn't allowed, and I can't see any Delete button. Surely a simple addition? My only workaround is to sync to device > delete in Locus app > sync back to web. This is very tedious.

Compared to always ongoing Android app progress, I haven't seen any changes to for a long time which is somewhat concerning.

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Hello Andrew,

currently, delete operation from Web Planner is not possible. We have it on our list but we gave it lower priority because you can do it from your mobile app. Next week we have company wide planning session so I will discuss it there. I think it is highly possible this will be implemented in next 2 months :).

Regarding changes. We are currently focusing on fixing issues and small improvements (mostly performance) thus not much to see for end user. Anyway I have just released several user visible improvements:

  • Improved search - added loading indicator, add region information to POIs, results sorted by distance
  • Pre-generate name of track saved from planner

Kind regards,

Ondrej from Locus team


Good news Ondre. Thanks for the update.

>you can do it from your mobile app

But if created on the web then I think current workaround - sync to device > delete in Locus app > sync back to web is too much to expect, and not expected. No need for further reply.

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