Locus router is focused on turns

Michael Peeters shared this question 9 months ago

Im using Locus for car Navigation and uses car profile in router.

Locus router has a big disadvantage against brouter.

Where brouter follows just the street, Locus doesn't, adds multiple turns, even if the benefit is very low.

This is not a minor issue in some areas like the Alps. There you will have a lot of trouble when not following main street.

I added pictures for an example. The blue line is the main street. This is even the route brouter chooses in all three car profiles.

The green one is Locus route in all two profiles.

Here in the example Locus adds three turns for more or less no benefit in distance. It will take longer by time and the length is not noticable less.

Is it possible to change the car profiles ? At least the "fast" profile ?

In case you want to check. The example is in "Crespano del Grappa", Italy.

But it's very easy to reproduce in a lot of places in the Alp.

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Locus is an outdoor app and not a car navigation app.

There are much better ones for cars.


Sorry no. There is nothing better for car navigation than Locus. Even it's not the base idea of Locus.

At least when actual car traffic info isn't needed.

I'm using it for four years now for all my roadster tours (~20.000km / year).

I have my whole tour database, all streets with personal Assessment. Description. Pictures etc. in Locus. I use it even to plan all the tours just with Smartphone.

This is all not possible in any other car navigation app.

This beside.

Locus supports car profiles in router. Then the profil should be something for a car.


Hi, the problem that Michael exposed is something that should be looked into. Just at the moment I am busy with something else, so sorry for a vague answer. I am collecting cases where routing is less than ideal for all profiles. Soon (I hope) there will be some (rather minor) revision. Thanks for reaching to us and pointing to a less than ideal routing example. I am adding it to the collection of cases to be looked into. Best regards, Radim.


Hi Radim,

no problem, take your time.

Car season is already over. I'm just happy that you want to change router calculation.

Should I provide other examples? In the Alps you can produce hundreds of "not ideal" routes. I have already a collection of blocked zones to supress routing errors on streets I drive often.

Just a question. While calculating routes. Is the elevation of every point available?

This could be an important parameter.


Yes, altitude difference is taken into consideration, but (I guess even more importantly here) also "target speed" is taken into consideration. Roads have default target speeds assigned. Car routing is currently controlled by "kinematic" model which basically minimizes energy consumed, not just time or distance. If you are interested: here is the best possible explanation of what brouter and LoRouter car profiles use.


Hi Michael, I am making notes. Once we notice or receive a report for more issues like this I will deal with them in a batch. thanks for reporting. Radim.

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