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Roman Priesol shared this idea 2 years ago
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When I run "Check for updates" it shows me a loot of maps and I have no idea what the symbols in corners mean. Just guessing that:

- California - map is installed and an updated version is available;

- Arizona - map is not currently installed, but I own older version and I can update it to the latest one (but the map is installed, so I have really no idea why it is different);

- ChartBundle - update is available and I have never installed it.

Then when I select the first map it shows what is the latest available version, but I have no idea if it is worth to update it - would be good to show what has been changed - version, size, or changelog, if available.

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Hello Roman,

thanks for the interesting idea. We were thinking about it for a while and to be true, it is not something that should be worth the time from our point of view. LoMaps are based on the OpenStreetMap data and there is every day a huge number of changes along with the whole world. We may generate some summary for every map, like "This version has a new 15468 points compared to the previous one", but this is something I wrote about = not worth the huge amount of work. Thanks for understanding.

About symbols: you have found a really old unknown problem for us, thanks!! In the next version, the app should correctly inform only about the correct content that should be worth updating. Let me know if in the next version, the offer will be more clear, thanks.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion, for OSM data change log doesn't make sense, but it would be good to show that it is going to upgrade map from version 2021.04.27 to 2021.09.24. Changelog could be useful only for smaller things, like themes and icons.


Ah, this is a good point. You are right! There is nowhere visible current map version, thanks. I'm adding it to TODO list for the Locus Store improvements.

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