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Auric Goldfinger shared this question 9 months ago

I noticed in version 4.4.3 (Gold) that locus didn't connect to my external GPS receiver anymore. Moreover, I cannot find the setting to connect to the receiver anymore...

Was this function removed? Or just moved where I cannot find it šŸ˜

Thanks for any directions!

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Hi Auric,

beginning with this version, all the external sensors are managed by the central "Sensor manager". You can access it from settings > GPS&sensors or menu > all features > set up.

  • turn Bluetooth on your phone on
  • Tap "+"
  • select Bluetooth 3
  • select GPS
  • your GPS unit emerges on the screen, tap "Connect" - your external GPS is added to the app

Now you have to tell Locus which GPS to use for location.

  • tap the GPS indicator on the main screen
  • tap the up-arrow next to the main "Turn on getting location" and select your external GPS:



Ha thank you!

I was aware of the new sensors screen, which is a major improvement by the way, but I missed the fact that I had to choose "Bluetooth 3". I tried Bluetooth 4.

Also, I wasn't aware of the fact that you could switch sources in the satellites screen so this information was very helpful. Thank you for that!

I so have a minor bug report then. In dark mode, the arrow key is barely visible (see attached screenshot)

Edit: I created a separate ticket for this

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