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Christian Marx shared this problem 2 years ago
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Select Geocache from Map.

Press Back-Button.

Instead of going back to the map locus shows a blank listing page.

A second click on the back button brings you back to the mapview.

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The behaviour is the same for every cache typ. To reproduce just follow the mentioned steps.

Select cache from map or list

If not already there go to the listing tab

Press the hardware back button on the phone

The blank listing page is shown.


My friend as well as myself oberserved this issue for about one month right now. Both on different mobile phones using Locus 3.5

It's not a constant issue, occuring just now and then and with different Geocaches (not just a single "problem" Cachelisting). So I am not able to tell an exact setting to reproduce this issue. Just mentioning that this is not a one-person-issue.

In such cases we are either closing the Cache's detail page and opening it again by clicking onto the Caches' icon to make the Listing text appear again.


I looked into detail. The problem is exactly as Christian desribed, and it occurs with EVERY cache. Additionally to the "LISTING" tab also with the "IMAGES" tab. Within all other tabs the back button directly opens the mapview. (Locus v3.55.1)


I clicked onto the icon of 1 cache in the map, opened it, clicked onto the "LISTING"-tab and finally pressed the "back"-button on the bottom of the screen which made Locus to display a blank "LISTING" page instead of opening the map screen again.

I attached the log-file:


Hi Christian & Sonny

I'll take this topic from Zdeněk (thanks btw.).

Firstly, thanks for the logs. I though that issue is directly in the view that display listing, but based on the logs it isn't. Interesting is also, that it behave little bit different on my device then I see in the logs. Anyway I made a small update that may help, so let me know little later once new version will be published (or if you use Beta version meanwhile). Thanks!

Jiří M. aka Menion

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