Shaping points get lost from saved Route Planner tracks

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I have a folder with many planned tracks, which have been created by Locus Route Planner. It happens that when I re-enter them via Route Planner, their (green) shaping points are mostly gone, there's only 3 of them. See attachment. The track itself is still functional. New shaping points have to be added in order to make changes. I can say 1/3 of all my tracks have lost their shaping points. I do not see a pattern yet.

Luce: With me, losing of shaping points happens in 75% of the cases in which I mix a routing profile with manual lines. Thats why I avoid using manual lines whenever possible. I also can't find a rule behind it, but it doesn't seem to have to do something with time. Often, I save a new route, then try to open it again because I want to change something, and all shaping points are gone.

CabrioTourer: Lost shaping points is a random but more or less regular problem for me. This year I always close Locus after route planning (and save track). At least this year no lost points. Don't know if this was just luck.

Slarty76: Same here. I also experience lost shaping points sometimes, but fail to see a pattern...

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My understanding is, shaping points are only stored in the track database, they only exist in the sql? table. They aren't e.g. exported to GPX files as additional data.

I did a very quick test now, just created a track, 7 SPs, saved, opened again: 3 Shaping points left.

New track, again 7 SPs, save, open again: all 7 SPs there. Really weird.

Something fishy on the database going on? Table entries not saving? I think we can only find something if we look at it via database tools... idk. I'm not too experienced there.


Hi Tapio,

thanks for the bug report here. I've read all posts on the forum as well and seems, the problem can't be easily simulated. I'm playing with it for some time now and it never happens to me. Meanwhile, I found a tiny issue when changing segments from any profile to manual during the edit. It may affect this as well, but most probably, it won't be a real cause.

I'll be watching it, but till we found the exact steps that lead to this reported issue, it is close to impossible to fix it for me.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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