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Navigation points

Martin Duda shared this idea 2 years ago

Hi Locus-Community!

I really like to plan my routes with the web planner and let the synchronization work to get it on my phone.

I have the following problem and an idea to fix it and make the manipulation much easier.

In the Webplanner Locus creates automaticaly "navigation points" in my route. On the phone you can disable this function, not in the Webplanner.

I like to use the function "Guidance along a route". If i want to use the "guiding notifications", i will be notificated by every point that Locus had created. On a MTB tour in the forest where i have a lot of direction changes, i will get hundreds of notifications!!! Lots of them are not necessary in my case. But there are other points where is no notification point from Locus, but i can put one in on my phone. All these waypoints can only be erased one-by-one if i don't want them!!!

All this is very complicated.

Here are my ideas to make it as simple as possible:

1. Make it possible in the Webplanner to disable the automit-creation of navigation points

2. Make it possible to create points in the Webplanner: "click right on the mouse", create point". Done

For me Locus is getting better and better and the Webplanner was a big step. I really don't want to get back on my phonescreen for any planification work.

I hope you understand my explications.

Regards, Martin

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Hi Martin,

ability to create and work with navigation points in the web planner is for sure planned for the future - but we would still be happy for votes here to properly set priority of this.

In the meantime we will consider possibility to disable them. Thanks for your input.


Hi Martin, thank you for your idea. This is already implemented. You can optionally ignore creating navigation commands in the dialog when saving planned route to My Library. Kind regards, Ondrej



Hi. Thanks for your comment.

Meanwhile i was already able to do it like that.

I hope point 2 of my ideas will be realized in near future as well. This would be a big step.


So this task in not "COMPLETED" yet !!!


Hi Martin, could you please create independent request for your second idea? Thanks!

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