When leaving Itinary planification, display the planned trip even if not saved

laforest shared this idea 19 days ago


here is my "problem" :-)

I am exploring the map, defining what I am going to do. for this I use "Plan an Itinerary"

now, if I want to see it on the map when using the 'back' arrow, I need to save it, give it a name etc etc

but it is just a draft, I don't really want to keep it. If I do so, I'll have to go in menus and delete it.. cumbersome....

Proposal : When leaving Itinerary planification, display the planned trip even if not saved

it could be an option in Parameters "Display temporary Planned Itinerary" as some may not want to do that (or an additional button "leave planification & show on map"

other rationale for that : I want to follow a precise path that I plan but once there, I don't care of the plan (e.g as I have recorded my real track)

As Planned Itinerary is already saved as one can find it again it when you go back to Plan, I guess it should be possible


and keep the good job !

(a 3 weeks / 4000 km to/in Iceland just with Locus)

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Hello laforest,

if we talk about the route planning feature, then

- you may simply leave this screen by the back button and then return to unfinished planning without worrying to lose any content (in case, you have in the route planner settings enabled "Retain unsaved plan").

- you may directly from the route planner start navigation. If you do this, your plan won't be saved and after navigation is stopped, the plan will be lost.

Does this help?


Hi, Txs

yes, I am speaking of Route Planner

- "you may simply leave this screen" : yes, but i do not see my planned route. This is exactly my demand

- "you may directly from the route planner start navigation". No : I am in the case I am not using the navigation to guide me. I just want the planned itinerary on display, and I'll check form time too time. it is stay on route planner screen, I have the display to add a new point which is bothering me / staying in the middle and I cannot access all functions (e.g but not only start recording)

really, my demand is to be able to display planned route inside 'normal' view like any previous saved route without having to save it explicitely. This to avoid all steps of naming, saving, and then later deleting it as it is just a temporary thing.

use case : I am with Snowshoes (raquettes) or just hiking and I want to have the general view of where i need to go on map, but do not want / need a precise guidance like Navigation offers (and I must admit I never use it as in middle of mountain I don't want any kind of messages, bip.... I prefer to check map from time to time. I use navigation when driving)


In this case, they simply save the route. And when you don't need it anymore, just delete it.


but it is already saved ! if I leave and come back, it see my planned route

So, why I cannot see it on the map in ''normal' mode without having to save it explicitely ?


Because it's only in a cache so it won't get lost. On the card you can see it only if you save it with a name in a folder.


Hi, I was thinking about your proposal. On one side, it looks nice and useful. But, on the other side, at least I personally never had this need, and implementing of this idea means an additional extra button directly in the planner main menu. Also, saving is fast, it is one additional click just to confirm the previous value. Removing needs three taps. Not a big deal once or twice a day I believe.

So sorry, the idea declined.

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