Higher priority of corrected coordinates in point detail

JohnCNA shared this idea 18 days ago

I have a request for an alteration on the geocache listing display page.

When one displays a geocache that has corrected coordinates, the Original Coordinates are listed at the top of the details section, while the Corrected coordinates are listed much further down. If I'm out with a friend and want to share my puzzle solution for example, I might forget that the "new" coordinates are listed much further down in the listing.

It would be much easier to verify that the corrected coordinates have indeed been downloaded or entered properly if the Corrected Coordinates were listed at the top of the details section, right above the Original coordinates.

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Hello John,

thanks for the idea. You are right that coordinates belong together. I see a problem in a current solution that all points also geocaches, have current coordinates at the bottom. But, geocaches with corrected coordinates have original value somewhere in the middle.

So for me, the most logical solution is to put original coordinates also to the bottom of the cache detail.

Because with this solution, you may always be sure, that coordinates are at the bottom. And if original coordinates exist, they will be right next to the current. Make sense?



Sure does! Doesn't really matter where they are listed, I guess. As long as both sets are together. Thanks!

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