New filesystem Which folders/files stay accessible?

Lucas Heiss shared this question 17 days ago

Hello Locus team,

in order to decide whether I should update Locus 4 from version to an actual version with the new filesystem or not, I would like to know which of the following folders/files I regularly use will then still be accessible:

– backup

– data/nav_audio

– data/media

– data/srtm

– export

– icons

– mapsVector/_themes

– router/profiles2

– config.cfg

When updating to a newer version, will the actual contents of the mentioned folders/files be copied to the new non-accessible Locus file or will my individual contents (like e.g. routing profiles or self-made map themes) be deleted and replaced by standard files?

Best, Lucas

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Hello Lucas,

during the update and transfer process Locus copies all those subfolders with their content to his private folder. This data will be then accessible only by Locus, and Google-approved file browsers. Everything should go well, but if you want to be 100% sure, you can make a backup of your files before.

Good luck and have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team


Okay, thanks for your reply, Zdenek!


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