Account with gold subscription. I'm lost

Florian Abbet shared this question 10 days ago


I'm realy happy with you great application, but your multiple accounts is realy confusing for user. :

one account for this help forum (with email)

one (other account) for the "other forum" (with user)

on for locus android app and webplanner sync :

one for google play store and gold subscription (google account)

For all these account , like i think 90% of your user I have the same email adresse (that is a gmail one)

My problem is the folowing :

I buy an annual gold subscription on my android device with "locus only" account


I know thas this gold accout is link with this "locus only" account : I'm able to see my gold subscription on the web planner interface


problem : I try to connect an othe android device (in fact windows BlueStacks), and it's look like if the google is used instedd of the locus login (but i log it with my locus password, that is not my google one)

I can see it because my account have my "google picture" , no gold functionality available and no trakc sync.

But relay strang, my loccoins for premium subscription are available :


How can I solve the problem ?


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I found a way to partially solve my problem

Removing "locus" as authorized third part identification on my google account

remove login on all my devices

login again with "Locus" login

Looks ok , but :

- the account keeps my google account image (from where ?)

- device shows Locus without "gold banner" on main menu (but looks working)3bdb044caa95643e655e71f0b639b86d



do I understand well, that everything works fine now (except the icons)?

About accounts - we have plans to unify all accounts to one, but there are things to do with higher priority at this time. So please, be patient.

And to your problem - BlueStack is some kind of hack, that tries to use android apps on systems that they are not developed for. Therefore it can't run them properly in all the situations. The same problem has users of Windows 11 at this time. It is still a long run to make it flawless.

In this case, I am unable to solve your problem because it is out of our scope.

In my opinion, your profile photo just stayed loaded somewhere in the cache, and it is used because your e-mail login has no other picture to show.


Zdenek, Locus team

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