Stathunters tiles support in Web planner

skvedo shared this idea 13 days ago
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There is existing browser extension for showing tiles from on webplanners map. Currently are suported Strava, Komoot, Brouter, RWGPS, Garmin and route builder. Ether add the functionality to route planner or check with stathunters author to add Locus to sites supported by extension.


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Somewhat related: for Locus Map app itself, can be used.

Totally related: the StatsHunters author is very friendly and open, and has given me permission to analyze the source code of his extension and reuse his code in my own strava-map-switcher extension (to add Garmin support, but I haven't managed to find time for that yet), so I'm sure he'll be delighted if someone extracts the source for his extension, adds Locus Web Planner support and sends a patch.

I'm certainly qualified to do that, I'm just somewhat busy these days so I may need a nudge or two to get to it. A nudge that @skvedo will surely be happy to provide. But I certainly don't mind if anyone else takes initiative here, either. :-)

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