Pause running navigation to deviate from the route.

freischneider shared this idea 2 years ago
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If I deviate from the route while navigation is running (cafe, what to look at ....) then Locus immediately beeps loudly and after a while comes the recalculation. Sometimes this is intentional but sometimes it bothers me.

At the moment I stop the navigation. and as soon as I am back on the route, I select it and start the navigation. But this is a bit cumbersome.

Suggestion: Next to "end navigation" another field with "pause navigation". The field is so large that you can accommodate 2 buttons.

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When I deviate from the route unplanned, the warning (loud beep) is great. And the recalculation brings me back on the route. But if I deviate planned from the route is very annoying and locus is always trying to recalculate.

With the pause function it would be much more comfortable.

As soon as I deviate (I want to visit a cafe, use a parallel path in the shade) I can select the pause function. And as soon as I am back on the route, I press pause again and it continues with the navigation.

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This would be very useful!

Pausing of recording is possible, pausing of navigation not yet. 👍

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