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Juha Sahakangas shared this idea 2 years ago
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My vector maps are multiple gigabytes in size, multiplying that amount by two or three different mapping or geocaching apps when it's meant to be a shared file and not app-private is simply an absurd waste of space.

Android restrictions that come with scoped storage are annoying but I see nothing that prevents you from using ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE to accomplish this in everywhere except for the root directory and few other specific restricted locations

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Those restrictions in the link you post make the goal of sharing practically impossible.

You know a Google manager? Kick him/her where it hurts ...


Hello Juha

thanks for the idea and space where I may try to explain, that this task is impossible now.

What you suggest, so using the method to grant access to a particular directory, is technically doable. Unfortunately, access to the directory is still very limited and necessary methods on how to connect to raster maps are not available. This method may be usable for modern vector maps based on the MapsForge V4 library. There will most probably still be a big performance problem, but it should work I believe. I'll look at it probably later.

We are still searching for alternative methods how to add maps into the Locus Map and will info once any additional working solution appears. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


isn't it possible to at least have an option where i give temporary access to the folder, and locus automatically copies the files into the correct directory? I am having trouble even copying them in there as my phone isn't rooted so i cannot grant root rights to any file manager app on my miui operating system to copy the files in there...

this way one could move the entire locus app to the sd card then copy the files into it...


Locus itself does not have the permissions. But I have used x-plore, TC and Solid Explorer that have the MANAGER_EXTERNAL_STORAGE privilege (being a file explorer ...).

I could access read/write ANY folder on int SD, but r/w access to ext SD is limited to non-private folders, on any level.

For access to ext SD private folders you can connect to PC/Mac via USB. That works with most devices. (Huawei and LG are trouble makers, though.)

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