BT4 HRM (Polar H10) No valid data still not fixed

phil shared this problem 23 months ago
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This has been occurring for a couple of months already and none of the BT "fixes" actually fixed it. The problem still exists in the current 4.5.5 version.

The BT4 heart rate monitor randomly drops out. It's still shown as connected, but with "No valid data" displayed instead of the actual heart rate.

Every time this happens, the sensor has to be completely removed from Locus, then added again, and it works again. Until the next time it drops out.

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Hello Phil,

sorry for the little late answer, This is indeed really weird because I personally use also Polar H10 device for running and I've not noticed any problems.

Did you tried your belt with any other application? Does it work without any problem?

Jiří M. aka Menion

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