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which smart watch with HR monitoring should I get for Locus?

Benedict Harris shared this question 2 years ago

Any suggestions?

If you look at compatible HR devices here:

It lists the "Amazfit BIP" but not the "Amazfit BIP S". Does the S version work?

It also lists the "Garmin Fenix 5" but not the "Garmin Forerunner 945". Does the latter work with HR integration in Locus?

This list also is divided by Bluetooth devices and ANT+ devices. If I get a bluetooth Smart Watch what functionality will I miss out on?

I would love tips on cheap range ones that work with Locus - but also higher end ones. Maybe I will get a pricier one if there is no other option...

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Hi Benedict,

the list consists of devices tested by our users who informed us about their compatibility. As the bubble on the top of the article says:

This list of supported devices is indicative only. It is based on the users' personal testing and reports. We do not guarantee it is complete or without mistakes.

We don't have any more information on the listed or unlisted devices.


you must know about the Garmin watches though - is the HR monitoring only through ANT+ or is it also Bluetooth?


My Fenix 5 sends the data via ANT+. I suppose the info you need about other devices is available on the internet.


ok found this info. You can update your list for HR devices and put the Garmin watches listed below under also "Bluetooth" heading. (currently Garmin is just under ANT+ heading )

"If you’ve got a newer Garmin watch, you’re in luck. Those support Bluetooth Smart transmission using a new ‘Virtual Run’ profile. While designed for running on a treadmill (as it also includes running pace and cadence), it actually works just fine for any activity you want – including cycling on Zwift. I detailed the whole feature here in a post a few months ago.

This function is *only* available on newer Garmin wearables, likely due to hardware architecture limitations on older chipsets. Here’s what’s supported:

Supported watches: Garmin Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, Fenix 6 Series (it might also work with the Tactix Charlie and Quatix 6 Series, but I don’t have either)"



and information here from Garmin, supported watches for Bluetooth HR

  • Descent Mk2 series
  • Enduro series
  • fenix 6 series
  • Forerunner 55
  • Forerunner 245 & 245 Music
  • Forerunner 745
  • Forerunner 945 & 945 LTE
  • MARQ collection
  • tactix Delta series


"Select Garmin watches can be paired with compatible third-party apps, such as Zwift, via Bluetooth to transmit pace, heart rate, and cadence data by using the Virtual Run activity profile. You can use this feature with the internal sensors in the watch, or when your watch is paired with external sensors such as a heart rate monitor or foot pod."


Hi Benedict,

almost all Garmin nowadays can transmit HR via ANT+ (during any activity). That should be preferred way if you can receive ANT on your smartphone with Locus Map (supported for example by Samsung and Sony devices.) If not, you are correct, there is way to transmit HR via Bluetooth via devices which you listed bellow, but this can be used only for virtual activity.

There are some thought about implementing possibility to stream HR to Locus even via Locus Map for Garmin addon (which will not need ANT+), but can't promise anything yet, as it is not that straight forward.


not many smartphones receive ANT+ though....

so yes, if you could impliment it nativley in Locus this would be brilliant... :)

as per my first link (the blog), using the "Virtual Profile" in Garmin can be used for all activities, not just indoors such as treadmill

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