Locus does not start after update to 4.5.7

Jojo shared this problem 4 months ago

Hello there,

I and my wife use the same smartphone and operating system. On my phone Locus is already version 4.5.7 on hers its still version 4.5.6. On her smartphone Locus is doing just well like always, on my one Locus is unable to start. Unfortunately I don't get any Error Message ...

When I start Locus, I see the blue screen with the Locus-Sign and after some seconds Android shows me an error message: "Locus does not react - Close app? - Wait? - Give Feedback?".

If I deny Locus access to the storage, then I see the blue screen with the Locus-Sign, after some time I see at the bottom of the blue screen a red loading-bar and the text "Load ..." and then Locus tells me that I have to grant it access to the storage. But if I do so, Locus doesn't react anymore ...

What could be the problem?

Thank you


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How much time do you give Locus?

Sometimes, after changes, it needs quite some time for housekeeping . .

Granting access is also the right thing to do.


Well, I use Locus since years. So once it's working again, I will use it again. But what do you mean with granting access? If I can be of help to make Locus run again on my machine, I'm absolutely willing to do so.

Kindly, Jojo


Jojo, you mentioned the grant request for storage in your message.

And when the wait/cancel message comes, give it more time. In one situation I had to give time 5 times ... In particular when external SD cards are involved, things can get really slow at start (but there are ways to cope with that later).

(If patience does not help, however, then a beta version that can create debug logs would be the next step.)

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