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Quickly enter the center of the map

ColdAutumn shared this question 2 years ago

Please see this screenshot of the map of Israel. How can I quickly get to the center of the map?

I remember that the earlier version had a menu to enter the center.

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unfortunately, online maps do not have defined its area of coverage, so "centering" is not possible. What you are looking for is available only for already downloaded offline maps.


aha, happy new year and many thanks.

However I find a new function: set new map center?

Can it be added here?


Hi, I'm not sure if this is really useful at all. Most of the online maps are available globally, so the direct center is not always known/usable. Isn't simple "Search" function more usable in this case? Or the custom group of points that may help quickly move between favorite locations. I really suggest to use any alternative method for your case. Thanks for understanding.

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