Leftovers by clear temporary data

0709 shared this problem 5 months ago

By Locus Pro V 36.5.1 - Android 9.

Locus Action: Clear temporary data.

Find Leftovers in Locus>data>import.

Find_solve (before A11) by file explorer.

After A10 ?

This was detected by using the next test(files)

By a "gpx+folder/files= zip (gpz ;-)" OR by "kml+ folder/files= kmz"

Find example files here: https://t.ly/lP9n

Clear temporary data:


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Hi Willy,

unfortunately, the /data/import/ folder has been neglected for some time and its correct emptying during the app cleaning is quite a challenge for the devs who are now struggling with other tasks with higher priority. Manual emptying is possible but be careful not to delete stuff you may need, like imported icons etc.


Well, it does sure concern possible +A11 trouble. A report that there may remain unexpected clutter in Locus>data>import folder, which you may not notice nor be able to remove by +A11. A11 = Quite a challenge.

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