Norway and sweden zooming error

Huba Henez-Straub shared this problem 9 days ago

When I zoom out the maps of Norway and Sweden only parts of the maps are shown and the whole(like in the screenshot). I tried deleting and redownloading the maps in question and even the whole app and nothing seems to work.

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That screenshot shows something like zoom level 4 or 5, which is definitely not the realm of vector maps.

A blank tile still is an error, but the use case is an anomaly anyway.

should help you out. Take a world map with ZL 8 or 9 for the beginning, and use it as global map in the settings-maps-advanced.





I'm sorry, there are some limitation in rendering LoMaps. Please use the gloabal map from OAM as Michael suggested or try the more simplier LoMap worldmap:

- Please open Menu > Locus Store > search for "World base map" > download it

- Menu > Settings > Maps > Advanced features > Pre-laod gloabal map > select "World" map

This map is automatically enabled when you zoom-out.

Thanks, Petr

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