Custom scaling for MBTILES raster maps

Jakub Rusnák shared this question 14 days ago

Is there possibility to set custom scaling per raster map? I have HDPI android device (Samsung Xcover Pro). I have multiple raster maps in MBTILEs format with 256x256 tiles. One map is Ortophoto map, and other map is raster topographic map with small font (which looks good on my PC with normal fullHD monitor). When I turn on in Advanced settings "Optimize raster map resolution", the topographic maps is little bit zoomed in, which is good and text is readable, but ortophoto map is little bit blurred. When I turn off "Optimize raster map resolution", the ortophotomap is sharp, but topographic map is unreadable, because all its zoom levels are displayed in 1:1 resolution on screen and text is too small. Is there possibility to set custom map scaling per map in Locus Map Manager or is there a field in MBTILES format, where this can be indicated? I make my own MBTILES maps, i can change whatewer i need in them.

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Quite some time back I amended the world maps I build like this:

sqlite3 -batch <file name prefix>.mbtiles "INSERT INTO metadata VALUES('scaleFactor','0.5');"

I have not checked since ages if this mechanics still works in Locus.

Maybe you want to try?




Thank you, great, that is exactly, what I need. Works in both Locus3 and Locus4.

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