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Wolfgang shared this idea 2 years ago
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with the locus 4 you started the cloud sync folder feature. This is great to have the same folders between my two devices always synced.

I'd like to have a shared folder together with my cache buddy when we go on tour together.

Could you please implement the possibility to share a folder via auto sync with others?

That would be more than awesome :)


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Not only Tracks but Pointa folder as well :)


Yes, that would be awesome!


Yes, this is urgently needed for my usecase to prepare holiday or events with different POIs (including additional information like comments, weblinks, opening hours, address etc.) and share my suggestions with others.

As Google Maps doesn't provide importing/exporting of data in shared user lists (it's only possible in the "own maps"), this would be a huge advantage of the locus system.

Basic understanding for me:

The Locus points/tracks of certain folders (that I as a Locus user define) should be visible for users that have no Locus account.

Second need is to make others able to edit it.

I see no need to share single points to other users (you can allways put one POI in a folder to manage the shared access for it).


Menion mentioned a revamp of the POI system, and in the past he mentioned a trips system

POI and tracks should be able to go in multiple folders, so ratehr than folders if we had Labels or tags

but the important thing is that the Label has the ability to add inomation and attachemnt

ie PDF of boarding passes and itinerary infomation, web links to resorts and hotels. and to be able to share these labels

for editing, the editor would need to have a locus account, but viewing only should be possible,

as the infomation would be cloud based, a gold subscription would be needed for the person sharing, and also for anyone that would need the label syncing with their own library of data.

if people dont have locus gold subscription, then they would have to access the data from viewing the locus web planenr only....whoch is fine for non locus users....


One more point: In the original idea it is only mentioned to share one folder for each type. I have more than "one buddy" and more plans to share with different people. Therefore I enriched this idea by my thoughts. If needs are too much for the original idea, please let me know...

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