Web planner and points (caches): filtering and archived caches

Kipcior shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hi guys,

I expressed my positive feeelings on the planner in the comment below blog entry related to the planner when it was first released. Since I have not received any feedback, nor any of mentioned things were improved till now, let me repeat my questions here and ask for you reply on both:

1. I'm missing filtering option within the folders with points. Currently, I have caches grouped into two folders: one for GC and one for OC. Since web planner go-live, I can only switch visibility of caches on whole folder level and cannot filter out on additional criteria such as it is in Locus Android App. Is this something that you're working on/plan to implement/ not on the road map? Can you elaborate a bit on that and what's the status or timeline?

2. Additional thing is how caches are presented on the map. There's a nice presentation of found and not found ones, however there's a problem with archived caches, since they're shown normally without any specific icon, hence they look exactly as regular and active cache which were not found (green box). Since I'm not removing archived caches from the folders (as it's just a status which might change in the future), would be great if they're also marked differently from active ones, same way it is presented in the android version of Locus where they have unique icons. Ideally, if they are shown also based on the type such as it is in Locus, but that's not a must for me and one unique icon for all archived would be sufficient. Filtering out archived caches or at least showing them differently is a must from my perspective because at the moment I can only check if it;s archived by going into the details. So now, when I plan a route, I can see all: active and disabled and archived caches, which in case of unknown area, does not help because you need to go to the cache details, to check if this cache is archived (and thus should not be part of the route) or still active. That's for me critical in order to be able to plan route along the caches effectively via web planner. Otherwise, the only way to do that is still android application, web would be much more convenient though, therefore I think it's an important one.

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thanks for the feedback. We are small team with lots of priorities, but we are getting there. ;) Filtering capability is hopefully coming to webplanner during the winter and then we will take a look also to mentioned problem with archived caches.

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