Naming the via points in points list in route planner.

Jan Götze shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be great having the option to set names to the via points in points list in route planner. There are only "via points" (in German "Zwischenziele"). This is not helpful when needing multiple days for planning a route and getting an overview what is already done.

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Hi Jan,

how are you creating "via points"? You have enabled "Via points as default" in the route planner settings or you are converting them from "Shaping points" (green triangle)?

In both cases, when you tap on the existing via-point, in the bottom toolbar tap again on the blue via-point rectangle icon. This changes panel to edit mode and you may define custom name & icon. Is it what you are looking for?




So find name and symbol as Icon in the waypointlist.

Q: Show also the (gpx) cmt txt in the track waypoint list.


This concerns so the text field reserved for the street name @navigation.

However any import gpx cmt (compact edit) text is as such also possible.

If there is no cmt text nor street name pse fill this best with --.

This looks more nice compact than "Unknown Street" in navigation.


Good idea, thanks Willy.


Ad "Unknown street" - I'll think about it :).

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