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Samsung with Android 5.0.1 : What is the most stable LM Pro version?

dasilva shared this question 14 months ago

My Android 5.0.1 device is a Samsung GT-I9506 16GB (Galaxy S4), and for obvious reasons i am now considering downgrading LM Pro to a previous version.

Therefore my questions:

>>> What is your Samsung device?

>>> What is - in your personal experience - the most stable LM Pro version on Android 5.0.1?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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You should always use the latest version. Since most of the bugs are fixed.


Even though your comment doesn't mention if you ever had a Samsung GT-I95xx, what experiences you made with what LMP versions, and if those experiences were associated with LMP on Android 5.0.1, i still thank your for your comment.

In my experience, LMP 3.56.5 was a nightmare on my A5.0.1 device. Thanks to the new A11+ friendly environment, LMP 3.56.5 generated an error that resulted in crashing on every single start. By the way, i had no trouble whatsoever with the older version.

Besides, after being informed by one LM team member that LMP will soon be dumped in favor of the subscription version LM4, i will most positively downgrade and disable any automatic upgrades.

Wishing you the best of luck with your latest version of soon-to-be-dead LMP ;-)


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