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[SK] Čo dať do GPX aby body s fotkami a inými údajmi zobrazil Locus v detaile bodu?

Martin Ždila shared this question 14 months ago

Na je možné vyexportovať do GPS aj fotografie a rád by som tam pridal podporu aby ich Locus zobrazil priamo v aplikácii ako je znázornené na

Zatiaľ sa mi to však nedarí - tu je príklad:

Aký ma byť formát aby ho Locus rozpoznal? K fotke mám tieto metadáta:

  • názov
  • popis
  • dátum fotenia
  • dátum uploadu
  • číselné hodnotenie fotky (1-5)
  • meno autora
  • do budúcna aj komentáre k fotke

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A short test by a Freemap download example

A. Original gpx download.

@ import into the Android gpx viewer app the images preview are shown, click to open full screen.

@ import into Locus map there is no preview. Must click the image link to open by browser.

@ import into (strict) Garmin programs the original file is rejected as to be corrupt.

Check by validator shows there are errors into the file so is not gpx 1.1 conform.

B. Corrected gpx file inclusive attached Locus navigation instructions.

@ import into (strcit) Garmin programs the file is imported. Click the image link to open by browser.

1 doesn't have my changes developed locally so it is not worth trying.

I would like to have some specification to know all the supported features.


I've just deployed a version which should produce valid GPX (at least for your usecase ;-)). It also has enhanced `desc` element.



And I sure noticed your progress ;-)

One suggestion. Can you add next in the gpx files ?

xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""


So allow a fast and comfortabe validation.

- By Notepad++ (XML plug in)

- By


Succes !


I've added schema location.


Further test.



Display (gif) by Locus Map Pro & display by Gpx Viewer.


Thanks! I will try to implement it once I will have a chance :-)


I have implemented it on Images in my Locus 4 are displayed only as miniatures, also for your freemap_wpt_navtrkpt.gpx. In the detail the image size is OK.


Fine. I use V3 Locus Pro. Indeed the presentation by V4 can be slightly different. Example.

As a photo point in a gpz (zip) file into Pro look likes next. Set Tap on point (Pop-up)

Tapping the miniature image nicely than opens both the images. Select by swipe <->)


This preview presentation method is I think not offered into Locus 4 map (free).

For Locus map import change the gpz into zip.


Hi Martin, Willy,

probably best to continue in English, sorry :).

Currently, there is no direct support for linked images in the GPX import/export, except the system that Willy mentioned. In Locus Map 4, because there is a completely new point detail screen a lot faster than in older Pro version, photos in the description are not directly visible on the first page.

Anyway, if there will be interest, I'm sure it will be a lot better to add direct support for some custom tags for images. UI of the Locus Map 4 is already ready for this because we use it for our own LoPoints now. Let me know Martin.



Thanks. Menion. For me it is OK as it is, just in Locus 4 the picture in the point description could be 100% wide (as demanded by width="100%") and should be loaded immediately, not only after clicking "More..." button, closing the details creen and reopening it again.

Otherwise I don't know if there is any demand or usecase from the users for this functionality.


Hi, it is technically not possible in the LM4. Problem is that on the initial screen is a simple text area that is really fast to load but does not support more complex content like images. This is different to the Pro version, where is loaded a simplified web browser, and also because of this, loading of point detail took a lot longer.


Anyway changes that will be in next version.


And the XML definition is quite simple


So the suggestions

  • set description only to interesting readable content
  • put images only as "link" with correct "type" that will indicate it is an image
  • for attribution for images, use "text" tag inside the "link"

Will be working since next version (or Beta that will be published till end of week here). Is it clear and useful? Hope so :).


Hello Menion. Interesting info.

I thought this was a limitation in the V4 free version only.

"Different to the Pro version, where is loaded a simplified web browser.

"LM4 problem is that on the initial screen is a simple text area.

Therefore so, a web link in desc text is not active. Find in wpt name Kapel.

By gpx: A_merged_Planner_points and link in point desc.gpx

For the compact cmt, pure text display is not a disadvantage.

But imo it is a disadvantage for extended desc info's in V4.

As a happy Pro user, I had not noticed this before (V4 free).

Websites like RouteYou add quite a lot of wpt poi's around tracks in a clean and free wpt list.

These desc tags are sometimes very extensive long with also some web links in the text.

(I have added 1 small example with only 1 such a smaller text waypoint selected)

By gpx: routeyou-berlare-uitbergen_demo_wpt.gpx

The Gpx Viewer app display is 100% nice inc link.


The Locus info text display here sure is not that optimal.

Anyway I did not mention this yet as there are still new Route You updates to come.

(Expected NEW is + Roundabout support by the discrete Locus navigation track)

Translated with (free version)


And by Topo gps.



Thanks Willy. Does the clickable links works in these apps? Because there seems to be missing "http" protocol at start. Anyway I've improved parser in the Locus Map that reads GPX files and this should be fixed in the next version.


Test by the single RouteYou waypoint download

Gpx viewer test by the single waypoint gpx: routeyou-berlare-uitbergen_demo_wpt.gpx

The Clickable links in the point details do work as next:

A click opens an extra menu with a selection choice out of the available links. (open in browser)


Good Morning !

Nice, hello Martin and Menion. I wish you both designers a good collaboration. Pse KISS and extensions (always do limit the universal usage) only when there is really no other way. Unique, you can also add 100% faithfull Locus gpx track navigation without any extra waypoint list pollution. This so results in a nice clean and so easy free manageable waypoint list with only those waypoints that really belong in it. And provided by a gpz (zip) files offer, you can so even deliver both images and Locus track navigation as total "offline" by single file operation option. Unique, as I don't know any other Android app that could offer such a powerful and simple combination.

Regards, Willy.


I have slightly updated the export. I added the second link and texts, but I am not duplicating texts as in the screenshot sample but I keep details only in desc and for links I only describe their kind.


please see the small image in the description - this could be fixed. also it only displays after pressing MORE... button and then closing and reopening point detail view.


There is no much I may do with this Martin, as I wrote before. I'll probably remove it completely because this small image makes no sense at all ...

1 also supports exporting to GeoJSON. Which properties are supported by Locus? It seems to only use "name" property from the export. Sample of the properties:

      "properties": {
        "takenAt": "2008-02-23T14:38:07.000Z",
        "publishedAt": "2016-02-19T16:43:48.000Z",
        "name": "Areál banského závodu Dúbrava 23.2.2008",
        "description": null,
        "imageUrl": "",
        "webUrl": "",
        "author": "Mirecnet",
        "tags": []


Support for GeoJSON is currently really limited and only basics are supported. When GPX export will work as needed, I believe there is no need to improve support for GeoJSON format.


I see. GeoJSON is better for GIS data than GPX. GPX is about tracks, routes, waypoints and trackpoints. GeoJSON is about shapes (points, lines, multilines, polygons, mutipolygons). But it doesn't define schema about how to interpret properties and it is up to the producer/consumer agreement. KML is better in that and maybe I will add support for KML to Just my 5 cents :-)

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