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Wrong images in online LoPoi

freischneider shared this problem 2 years ago

I have tested the new wiki entries and the images. Very nice idea.

The description comes from WIKI. But where do the pictures come from. The picture in the Kupferzell castle is wrong. It is a picture of the Neuenstein Castle. In WIKI is the correct picture. And I also looked at Schloss Neuenstein, there is the same picture in there, here it is correct.

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Hi, thanks for reporting this. There is Wikidata - a huge dataset that serves as an "umbrela" over various Wikipedias (en, de, pl, cs....). It is primarily used by OSM community as reference. It contains images, too. We take the first picture from Wikidata as primary, most trusted and most relevant (hopefully) picture. (And there we take some "primary" pictures from e.g. german wikipedia, italian .... whatever we process). In this case someone editing wikidata just made an error. See the image. There is (was) a wrong image for Kupferzell.

The only reasonable solution for this is to fix the image in Wikidata, which is what I have done - see the link. I also corrected live database. But we cannot do that more than just sometimes. If you feel like uploading a better picture to Wikidata, this is all possible! Our db is scheduled to update monthly, around 22.

Have you noticed more errors like that?

Radim, backend dev.


Ok, thanks for the info. I had only looked at Wikipedia and there was the right thing in there.

Now I know that the data come from Wikidata. I have not noticed anything else. Now I know so I can correct it myself.

When the user manual is written, it would be nice if they add the source Wikidata and so that errors can be corrected there.

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