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Hide/Show track-implemented way-points

MaryK shared this question 13 months ago

And yet again I have another question, I didn't find an answer to.

Short: Is there a fast way to hide/show way-points?

Long: I would like to show and hide way-points implemented in a track, because sometimes they are disturbing, but all in all I want to have them in my route (not talking about navigation way-points, only "personal points" like caches, locations, POI,...).

Start (green point) and end (red point) should continue to be displayed.

Attached there's a (random) example for a track with way-points I like to hide. Thanks!

(Version: Locus Map 4 Gold)

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That is because your example gpx file is a gpx (rte)route with multiple (rtept)routepoints.

This route so has the same point density as in a track. What is the source of this file ?

If exported by Locus you should set export as trk track NOT as rte route.

- Check this by Notepad ++ or by using the (pc) "gpx editor "freeware program.

By the gpx editor you can convert this gpx route into a track.

So you should download or convert this into a gpx (trk)track with (trkpt)trackpoints.

Result is as in the attached gpx example.


Thanks for the reply!

I understand what you mean and probably it's the only way Locus offers or rather there is no posibility to do what I mean... But that's not exactly what I'm looking for....

What I mean is that I do like the points being implemented within the track (as "interim track goal"), but from time to time I'd like to hide them on the map. LIke a "show/hide track waypoints button" - like navigation points are listed as well, but not shown on the track.

I attached some pic, maybe that helps to make it clear...

I created the route with LocusMap planner, putting points in as interim goals (It's just some places I've been to).


Roger. The few route reference Via(way)points (with Icons you created) are strictly connected to the track and indeed can not be hidden by a quick "don't show" button. Only the multiple "on map" turnpoints are represented by a smaller blue dot icon. This is intentional to avoid visual map clutter that otherwise would exist by the many multiple turnpoint arrow Icons.


Ok, I asumed already. Thank you!

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