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Problem downloading geocaches with Live API

Hampf shared this problem 13 months ago


a few weeks ago it occured that downloading a geocache via Live API is not working any more.

My configuration:

  • Android 8.0
  • Locus Map 4.6.1
  • Geocaching4Locus 3.0.7

Working with Geocaching4Locus inside Locus Map is OK, Live Map, download with GC-Code, download geocaches from Live Map, importing nearby geocaches --> no errors.

How to reproduce:

  1. View recently viewed geocaches in a browser
  2. Select a geocache
  3. Select Locus Map to open link ("Öffnen mit" -> "Cache zu Lous importieren")

Message dialog:

"Geocaching Live gibt eine ungültige Angabe zurück: Geocache not found"

Under rare circumstances importing does work, maybe only after a fresh start of Locus Map. I haven't found any pattern, but 99,9% the error occurs. It doesn't matter what cache type I choose, nor premium or basic member visibility.



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I've tested the problem on Android 11, 10 and 7. Only on Android 7 occured a problem with certificate. If that is the problem causing the issue you have reported, it is a problem that we can not solve - please contact Geocaching4Locus add-on author:


Michal, Locus team



I don't think it is a problem of Geocaching4Locus, because it works OK when I used it inside Locus Map. As said I can use the Live Map, download geocaches by GC-Code, import geocaches from Live Map, etc. Logging into with my account in Geocaching4Locus is no problem, either.

Unfortunately I cannot debug what is going on in Android when I click on a link to a geocache in a browser. But I found out that if importing is working it will work every time and if it's not it will not work any time.

The following link works all the time

and this link does not import the geocache to Locus Map:

For help in troubleshooting you can open these two geocaches in a browser, view the recently viewed caches, click on the links and see what happens.

I attached four screenshots to visualize the steps. It has nothing to do with the working geocache has been found by me because other found geocaches do not import. I cannot see any pattern in this behaviour.

Maybe it has something to do with the way the intents are passed from chrome to Locus Map.


Hmm, now I see. "Öffnen mit" links to "Geocaching4Locus"-Icon... Well, well, well. I'll try and contact Arcao.



Arcao fixed it.

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