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Map details setting

Hampus Engström shared this question 2 years ago

I often find that the details on wmts maps are too course for the given zoom level, is there a way of changing the threshold for when locus starts to use the next zoom level?

I guess what i'm looking for is the possibility to set the map magnification to something like 50% to increase the details. Or possibly using a fake dpi level fool the map rendering to use the next zoom level. Maybe there is already a setting for this that i'm missing?

See linked pictures for an example of zoom level 200% compared to 40% for a given area using another app:

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by default Locus optimizes the map resolution according to the DPI of the phone screen. This optimization can be turned off in Locus settings > Maps > Advanced features > Optimize raster map resolution > OFF


Yes, but in order to increase the details you would need to be able to set custom DPI settings.


Locus offers only these options (see settings > Maps > Advanced features):

- optimized/unoptimized resolution according to DPI

- manual change of resolution (magnification)

- locking a certain zoom (button on the main screen bottom menu right corner)

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