Please allow the location corresponding to the waypoint to be displayed in the Waypoint edit window

Andamiro shared this problem 5 months ago


○ Key point

Among the various information

displayed in the WayPoint editing window, please fix the location display method in the same way as in [Locus Map 4] in [Locus Map Pro].

○ [Locus Map 4]

The location corresponding to each waypoint is displayed.

So we can get the corresponding coordinate location value for each point.

○ [Locus Map Pro]

"My location", not the location corresponding to each waypoint, is displayed the current GPS location value, so the coordinate value of the waypoint is not displayed.

So we can't copy the coordinate value of that point.

Even if l fix "My location" to "Map center", the location of the point is unknown because it shows the current cursor location.

○ Requirements

Therefore, please fix the location display method in the same way as [Locus Map Pro] in [Locus Map Pro].

○ I attach six screen capture files.

The left side is [Locus Map Pro] Screen, [Locus Map 4] The screen on the right.

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Hello Andarmiro,

thank you for your precise bug report. Issue found and will be fixed in the next app version, thanks!

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thank you for your efforts.

I'm glad it's been resolved.

I'll wait for the next version.


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