Make embedded waypoints searchable

Lucas Heiss shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

As Tapio wrote here,

embedded waypoints have a great potential that is not yet exhausted.

Additionally I would like to have the possibility to search for embedded waypoints.


For every hiking tour, I have some interesting points, like mountain huts, viewpoints and so on.

I embed these points into my tracks

– because when I share these tracks with friends, they should see my complete planning

– and because I want to keep my database tidy.

The problem is: Once the POIs are embedded, they are lost for future planning – because they are not searchable any more.

Suggestion: Make embedded POIs searchable both

– in the points search: Add the option "Search also in embedded waypoints"

– in the "Nearest Points" overview. Add the option "Embedded Waypoints" to the list.

Additionally, as Tapio already suggested, add the possibility to bulk copy or move POIs from a track to the points list and vice versa.

Best, Lucas

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