Embedded waypoints, more love to them

Tapio shared this idea 4 years ago
Gathering feedback

Embedded waypoint handling is a bit limited, I love to use them, I wish they get more love.

- Multiselect

- (Multi)Import/Export from files, from WPs in own points

- Information in track overview on #of WPs, maybe as an overlay on the map preview.


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Hi Tapio, may I ask.

Is it about the 'associated' (via)waypoints in a track.


Is it about free 'isolated' (poi)waypoints near a track.

In gpx file attachment find both wpt modes.

Includes 2x associated(via) and 1x free waypoint(poi).

A demo track without navigation instructions !


Hey, didn't even know there are different types of embedded waypoints. Well, I mean those ones which you can see in the track properties. Not much flexibility there.


Altough the list of supported functions in Locus is LARGE, there is room for improvements.

Working with points in combination with tracks some simple actions are NOT supported.

Simple tasks that can't be done nor produced by Locus, so need external programs.

1. Better support of <cmt> comment. Not supported. = Need external program.


2. Merging (joining) selected waypoints and a selected track into exported gpx file. Not supported. = Need external program.


3. Simple & fast creation of a Nav or Via waypoint in EXISTING track by "track editor" was removed in favor of the more complex Planner. Simple now = By external program.



Simple adding of an embedded waypoint to the track. At tapped point and hence screen center, without the intermediate screen with the multiple targets ("clipboard" etc...)

It is still way too deeply buried into the UI.

I wish Menion would one day add the same flexibility to embedded WP as in external WP.

i hope Menion will one day add the same flexibility to embedded wp as in normal WP.


The multiple selection to delete would help me a lot.


Hi Tapio,



I added the suggestion to make embedded waypoints searchable.

Best, Lucas


This has been suggested for some time now ;-)

Add more love for the embbed waypoints in one and the same gpx file together with a track present.

This so concerns EACH of the free positioned waypoints that "travel" in one and the same gpx file together with the track.

A problem are especially those numerous navigation Turn and Via Points which must always remain connected and fused with the track points.

By using the method of a gpx navigation track with navigation waypoints (+ free waypoints), Locus MUST "merge" ALL waypoints.

It deprives Locus of the freedom to "distill" the standard free waypoints from the imported gpx file in a simple flexible way.

With navigation instructions direct in the track points as described in the link below, this practical problem is easily solved.


Only so you have full freedom to unmerge, manipulate and transport the "standard" waypoints in a gpx file as you wish.

Instructions in track points allow you to keep the Via points as well as the equally valuable Shaping Points for reuse.

Not only the "free" embedded waypoints but also the Shaping Points can definitely be treated with more love and respect.

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