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Time to target is always wrong, why this happens?

morgan shared this question 2 years ago

using any track, while in navigation mode I then go to "estimated travel"

under type....I only have hiking, cycling and cross country skiing???

Where is car, motorcycle etc?


Attached is a simple 310 mile gpx. When clicked on and navigated it notes 73-75 hours. This is wrong for a car...shoudl be 5-6hrs.

When I try the same track in guidance it is 24 hrs???

What is going on???

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Hi Morgan,

1) estimated travel time - Locus Map is primarily a navigation app for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. Therefore, only hiking/biking/XC skiing is in this feature

2) long estimated time for navigated route - Locus calculates the ETA according to the speed of the previously navigated routes in the selected routing profile. Most probably, you planned a route with a car profile and then you walked along it. See how it estimated the route in my phone - both navigation and guidance have the same ETT:

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Thanks for the response.

Locus is very popular with the on/offroad/adventure motorcycling community worldwide…in fact it is considered the gold standard. It has always had car (higher speed) functions so I’m not sure why they would omit them in that particular feature.

Under route planning is has 2 different car modes.

Under navigation, link with presets…it shows motor vehicle.

I can add a new profile in recording parameters.

I am using v4 but went back to v3 and navigated that same track with the same erroneous results.

I have not walked any route or track. I am simply re-learning locus preparing for it’s use in a month. I created this track specifically to simulate following a track (not route) using preferably navigation mode and maybe on occasion the guidance mode. So I have not traveled in any way the attached gpx.

So if I am not creating this in routing as a route there is no routing profile used in it’s creation it is simple a gpx form another program. So how do I make it display ETA as you have???…which is correct.



ok Michael...I really tried to get my track (the one attached) to display the correct time like you did and the only way I could get close is to "recalculate" and it slightly changed the route but came within 5 miles and 3 minutes of your results. I should be able to calculate the route at least close like ou with the exact same exactly did you do that? My reason for this is I will be importing many gpx tracks and must follow them with navigation and correct time to target.

interestingly I did fins dome strangeness...or maybe there is a logical reason for this but if so I need a logical way to correct it...this all should not be this hard.


Hello morgan,

Michal does not write the answer because he wasn't sure why this happens. So he forwarded this task to me as the main app developer. I'm currently a little buried by many tasks, so I wasn't able to look at it deeper yet, sorry. Will look at it in the next few days and let you know here. Thanks for understanding.





I'm investigating what's happening to you and have to say, that current system in the app is really stupid. In your case, track does not have any info whether it was created for the car or bike (etc) and app does not allow to choose which navigation type should be used because it expect, everything is already included in the track. In case, you create the route directly in the app, this should not happen because all is correctly set during creation and times should really be quite accurate.

Isn't using app internal or the web route planner an option?

If not, there is currently option to include manually required info into every GPX file by any text editor, that may fix this issue. Let me know if you wants to know more.

Because should be of course to improve this directly in the app. It anyway needs a lot bigger change to make this work correctly. I'll definitelly want to do something with it soon ...


WORKFLOW: I use locus to follow tracks that I get online. If you Google “MABDR” or “ NEBDR” you can download these examples. BRD=Back Country Discovery Route”. These are single gpx files with many sections. Locus does a superb job importing these correctly as many other apps do not.

These are multi day motorcycle tracks with a preference to off-road.

Since I do not create these I have no control over what’s embedded in them. I do believe they are tracks not routes.

I would prefer to run these tracks using navigation because I prefer the next turn symbol, strong pink line and strong cursor over what guidance does.

So all of this workflow is perfect except for the time to target being so far off…AND… having the ability to eventually navigate to a waypoint (not endpoint) using only the track no recalculation would be nice…but more important is getting time to target to actually follow the “car” profile of speed and have a closer time to target. I know when running the track it will become more accurate.

Yes I would like to know how to fix the gpx files in the interim while you resolve this in v4. I suspect it is editing with a text editor and replacing embedded tags.

Ps… can you link to a part of the user manual that explains the functions of the attached icons which show up in track point. Click on 1 then click on 2 and it actually recalculates to that trackpoint which is almost what I want "intermediate trackpoint" but it recalculates the route and does not just remove the end. Where is this in the manual???



Locus Planner & expected (arrival) time (by avg speed) to the navigation target point(s).

Have a test pse. Locus trackrecord activated.

A. Jump on the motorbike and have a fast drive around. Save track record.

Load your navigation track > start navigate > observe time to finish.

B. Have a walk with the dog. Save track record.

Load your navigation track > start navigate > observe time to finish.


Thanks 0709! I guess this is what Michael was noting and I just did not understand. So the most recent RECORDED TRACK's average speed it what determines how the next navigation time to target displays???

I drove @8 miles 50-70mph and then loaded and began navigating my 310 mile track linked in this thread and it noted roughly 6 hrs which is at least close. I then drove the last .5 miles home at @3-5mph and loaded the same 310 mile track and it said almost 48 hrs. I never knew this...thank you both. It would be good if one could select car profile and have it just automatically come close...or run the track (in my case from another app...most likely basecamp) through an "analysis pass" in locus using lorouter/broutser which can see the roads and speeds and therefore give a very accurate time estimate/. This analysis pass should not recalculate the actual track in any way.


Ok fine that you have discovered this. Surprising isn't it?

By the way:

Did you also have a look at the Similar Topics? You can discuss this item for years.

For motorbikes, I think it can be quite basic simple. For cyclists it is more complex difficult.

Being a cyclist I have made an attempt, but hardly responses.

What I only observe using osm route PLANNERS is track distance.

Locus and time planning really do not go together. Disappointing.

The complex Locus PLANNER time calculations are virtually worthless.

I'll do my own math according to known distance, terrain and skill (cyclist)

But ok...

Yet a very simple basic attempt this as an illustration.

According to your own estimation, you would so ride the traject in 5 to 6 hours?

This means you would maintain an avg speed of 90 kmh. (nice avg speed)

All this is without (fuel) stops, no traffic jams no other obstacles.

If the planner would provide track points inc timestamps you could so determine if you are behind or ahead of time schedule.

Unfortunately I do not know of any osm planners that provide useful timestamps (based on personal avg speeds) in the export gpx tracks.

BRouter web doesn't, neither does the Locus webplanner, nor the RouteYou Planner in the gpx track exports.

(I prefer gpx export = clear and perfect to read and judge and so observe indidivuel trkpt's along the complete trackpath.)

See the attached gpx example. The additional trackpoint timestamps are based on constant speed 90kmh.

So if you leave at 7 am you could be in the area where your friend lives at 10 am. (Friends wpt indication)

See also the map where you find the track position near your friend location.

See the nearest selected trackpoint and its timestamp. (Start 7 am).

(Find images as file attachments)


Thanks for this. It's good to know others want this too. Thanks. Hopefully devs will improve this.

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