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Live tracking , track history

petroni giorgio shared this question 23 months ago

Hello I would like know if it's possible see the track history (whole not only 10 minutes) on live tracking.

I have found this

"Thanks for the tips, this extended functionality and full tracking history would definitely be nice. We have been actually discussing this feature at the office lately and we might give it a try now during Q3/2018." any news so far? Thank you . Giorgio

Definitely good to know that there is someone who would use this kind of functionality :) Thanks"

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I can not understand why not, other app have this functionality (i.e. wikiloc) . I would not like change my trekking app :(



it is planned to remake the entire Live Tracking and this could be part of it. However, depending on the more priority tasks, we are not able to say any ETA.

I recommend searching Ideas:

I am pretty sure that this topic already exists there, if not, feel free to add it.


Zdenek, Locus team


Thats good to know, i imagine there are a lot more live tracking users now with the push to LM4 and subcription, ive added a few ideas already.


Ive had to go back to the older custom live tracking using gyntas c-me because of the issue of the live not being visible after a while, so when my wife checks in on me she can then see where I am whenver, not just while locus is running. will be geat to have more live tracking features

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