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Wear OS 3 higher map view refresh rate on the watch

Christian shared this idea 23 months ago

Now that the upcoming Wear OS 3 devices like the first one released so far, Galaxy Watch 4, have more processing power, i suggest to increase the map view refresh rate. Right now it gets refreshed about everry 4 or 5 seconds (paired with a Samsung S10).

Also it would be nice, when you turn your wrist to wake up the watch, if it would instantly show the most recent map view. Right now it shows a, potentially old map view for 1-2 seconds until it gets a refresh.

I propose this idea under the assumption that it wouldn't increase the battery as long as the watch is "sleeping".

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Hello Christian,

you are correct that modern devices are a lot more powerful and that this update affects battery only when the map is visible. In the next Wear add-on version will be refresh rate increased from 5 seconds to half. Because creating and transporting of the map from the phone take some time, I do not want to increase it more for now. Thanks for the idea!

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