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I would like all the maps from v4 off-line and online to be synced and available in web app???

morgan shared this question 12 months ago

I would like all the maps from v4 off-line and online to be synced and available in web?

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I am sorry, but it is technically impossible to display custom maps in the Web planner.

Web planner uses default LoMap and we working on adding a few other maps, but we have no plans to add the possibility to display custom maps.

It will be too system-intensive.

Thank you for understanding.


Zdenek, Locus team


For me the web planner might be good for organization and a central repository of tracks/points but for real planning for our on/off road motorcycle trips we would need more maps. Both Gaia and Caltopo are excellent for this and have found a way to show all their online maps. I hope locus can get there too. thanks for the reply.


May I ask which maps you need for your purposes?

Zdenek, Locus team



On…if you have not already I suggest you get a subscription and explore this web browser based app…the maps are some of the best on any platform but the software is very poorly designed.

Private land


Waymarked cycling

Gaia topo

USFS roads and Trails

USFS 2016

USFS Visitor

I currently use Caltopo as my online repository of all my tracks/points. Used to be Locus but went iPhone for a while so moved everything to caltopo…now back on android so might move it all back to Locus as a library.

In case you did not know this…many apps…gaia included can’t change line attributes width on tracks and layer…you can..a big benefit as you can see when I have to try to understand what to run in VT

On Caltopo

Mapbuilder Topo

Forest service

TF outdoors


Public lands


Fire activity

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