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get this WMS working?

morgan shared this question 2 years ago

Any chance you can get this working?

I created a new wms manually using and they all show up in the list but when activated, no data appears???

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Locus Map strugles with some coordinate reference system (as we probably discussed earlier in different topic). Please try the following:

- enable the WMS service and select > open WMS left panel and select CRS EPSG:4326


Thanks, Petr


interesting...I have no idea what all the EPSG numbers do but when I changed to 4326 IT WORKED!...not great but data was not showing. Thanks!

if you use the link above (sedan) and select "nuclear power plants" it displays small red dots you can barely see. is there a way to make it display things better?///changing to another EPSG number?

If you look at the "Geo Server Web Map Service" that displays in my locus (I asked about this in another post) and select "NorthAmerica_Snowmobile" it now displays using EPSG:4326 but oddly zoomed in past 7 miles and it's gone which makes it unusable??? Again any way to change this...make it viewable at 1 mile?


The visual style and zoom levels (where data are available) are defined by WMS service. Locus app can't influence it. I can only suggest to contact publisher / administrator of the service and ask them to change the style of the layer.

EPSG:4326 is code for definition of the most used global coordinate system. I think it's not important for standard user but you can read more about it: spatial reference system (SRS,analytic geometry to geographic space.


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