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Transferring 20 Offline Maps to New Device?

Steve L shared this question 12 months ago


Is there a relatively "easy" way to do this via file transfer rather than having to backup each individual map and then restore each individual map on the new device? The old device will be updated first to be used as a backup and then transferred to the new device.



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Hi Steve,

I think quickest way is to USB connect the old device to a PC or laptop, transfer the maps there and then connect the new device and copy the maps. Instead of above - if both devices support USB-OTG, you can use a mobile hard disk or a huge USB stick.

Bluetooth is way too slow and WiFi I have not seen beyond 40 MBit/sec with apps like Xender.




Thanks for the response. I guess that this means that Locus is smart enough to figure out if any new maps have been added (or deleted) via "back door" file management apps. I think that I will probably use my PC as a file storage/server for the transfer.

If this method works for multiple maps I am not sure what benefit the Locus built-in map "backup" function provides.


yes - and no, i.e. depends.

If you are using and force-feeding the default maps and mapsVector folders in the Locus base folder, then things are seamless. If you are using the AFA version of Locus to put maps whereever you want, then you need to ADD (+ button in maps management) the folder(s) where the maps reside.

From then on at each start Locus wil screen those folders for changes (+ and -).


Yes, this is Locus CLASSIC so using the MapsVector folder. Sounds like this should work.

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