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When there are multiple POIs in some region, TTS of POI alert says just like "N points in range".

I guess the cases in multiple POIs in some region are

1. Same POIs with a little different locatin/name data from various imported tracks.

2. Different POIs closely located in that region.

In any cases, TTS saying like "N points in range" gives a little effective information.

How about saying like

1. POI-A and (N-1) points in range. (for example, POI-A is the most close point)

or just

2. POI-A and etc. (because I think the specific number N-1 or N is of little importance to user.)

When I pass by some position, I wish TTS say a specific POI name, not just number of POIs.

Anyway, because one specifi POI name (which LM chose) is located in that region, it gives a good information to user, although the full one is not.


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thanks for the interesting idea. I'm thinking about it and is your suggestion really useful? If the app picks and informs about the closest point, there is no guarantee, it is the one important for you. And there will still be missing distance and bearing to this point. So it most probably still ends by picking a phone and checking manually. Isn't there any other option how to improve your notification? Like removing some point groups?


I have never used TTS poi alert, because knowing there are lots of poi nearby isnt much help, knowing im right next to an interesting one, as in case 2 above, sounds more usefull.

If you are guiding, knowing infomation about target is more important, distance especially, so that should override the above

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