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Backup did not save the themes???

morgan shared this problem 2 years ago

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after digging a bit more it seems when you delete any of the velocity or voluntary it deleted all of them because when you install voluntary from the locus store it also installs is one install for multiple themes.

Why do I need "Voluntary V5" and "Voluntary V5-" ???

I still think backups should include all themes.


Hello Morgan,

thanks for the nice bug report.

I see in the app two problems

1. when deleting a theme that is zipped, the app without a warning delete zip file, but together with it another theme(s)

2. map themes are not included in the backup


1. in the next version, the app will warn if zip contains more themes

2. agree it is a "nice to have" > support for backup of themes will be added as well


Jiří M. aka Menion

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