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TTS navigation for new language

Razvan Eduard shared this question 2 years ago

Is it possible to use a tts file in /Locus/data/tts for a language that is not in the list of translation for the interface?

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Maybe just give it a quick try to see if you can do it ?

The thing is, this file edit is very critical to edit errors.

The slightest error will revert to the default TTS.


Apply a "short test phrase" as your first edit.

You will hear it when you switch and activate the TTS language.

This way, you know that the file works without actually "navigating".

Continue the edit and test regularly if you still hear the test sentence.

In attachment a TTS file with such a mark in: "tts_set":

See "nl.tts" (More compact commands than Locus NL default)

With TTS selection you hear the following (NL) test sentence:

"Tekst-naar-spraak versie 5.0709 correct ingesteld"

Files: nl.tts

I did tried that, in /Locus/data/tts there is a file en_sample_v4.tts I copied and rename it to ro.tts.

In ro.tts I changed only the language to "ro"

but it does not appear in Locus >Language & Units > Text-to speech

I thought it doesn't work because Romanian is not listed in Locus >Language & Units > "App language"

I "force stop" the locus app from android, even restarted the phone, to make sure Locus has a new startup.


Hello Razvan,

thanks 0709 for the extra correct! info.

About the original question: the app support only languages that are internally translated. This is because in case of any problem or missing value in the TTS file, the app uses internal translation.

As I see, Romanian language is already translated from 64% on our Crowdin platform: I usually add new languages when they are done from 75%+ ... so only a little is missing ;)


Nice and succes with the ro.tts Eduard.

@ Menion.


Should the standard sample optimally not be updated to the latest version ?

(Actual latest is probably en_sample_v6.tts) ?


Thanks Menion,

I'll try to get Romanian translation to +75%.

Even if I'll still use the application in EN interface, I'm used to that terminology, but then I'll like to hear the navigation in Romanian


Thanks Razvan,

I'll include a Romanian translation into the next app version!

Jiří M. aka Menion

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