4.8 has broken Navigation on my phone

morgan shared this problem 6 months ago

HELP!!! 4.8 has broken Navigation on my phone

I was excited to see 4.8 as I was on the road all day and decided I’d give it more of a whirl.

All day any attempt to navigate anywhere crashed out the program to the Home Screen.

Everything else seems to work fine.

I tried all the other online and offline routers…same crash,

I can take an existing track and navigate that fine.

I even made a back up and deleted the program and tried it with a clean install same error.



Samsung S10

Android 11

Sent bug report to locus through automated

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Same here. Made the error to update to 4.8 during thru-hike. Regretting it.


Hi guys

for me problem is solved with

V 4.8.1

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