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Hide warning message by tapping on the message

Andrew Heard shared this idea 2 years ago

The orange warning message below remains on the screen for 7 seconds. Does it vary between different messages are they all 7 seconds? Some are more important than others. Of course there is no perfect amount of time to display a message: too short & people complain not enough time to read, too long & other people complain it remains on the screen too long. But as a little improvement, if the user taps on the message (not the satellite icon) it should suggest they have acknowledged the message and it can be hidden immediately.


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Hi, nice idea.

It will be implemented in the next app version. Unfortunately it won't work for 100%. Messages are divider into two categories.

Short (2 or 4secs), visible always even above dialogs etc. It won't work for these short messages.

Long (5+ secs), for these, it will work.

The reason is a technical limitation. Thanks for understanding.


Very good change!

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